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Windows 10

Unable to access shared files on Synology after disabling the Admin account

I recently disabled the default admin account on my Synology NAS device as part of an exercise to make it a bit more secure. However, after doing so I found I was unable to access any of my shared folders.  The message I was receiving was: “This user can’t sign in because this account is …

Windows 10

Could not enable the Unified Write Filter

  Hey people   I came across an issue today which is one of those “Microsoft, WTF and why have you done this?” On a current Windows 10 Deployment I am doing we are using the Unified Write Filter to ensure that the Operating System is secure as possible.  We had tested all the features …

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VMware OS Optimization Tool 2016

Hey all   Very quick post today about a very very cool tool which VMware have released to optimise a desktop for VDI. This tool should be run on your master image whether you are using Citrix or VMware as it reduces the overall footprint that your OS will use which is critical in any …