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Learn PowerShell in a month of Lunches–Chapter 3 answers

1 Can you find any cmdlets capable of converting other cmdlets’ output into HTML? ConvertTo-Html 2 Are there any cmdlets that can redirect output into a file, or to a printer? Out-File  & Out-Printer 3 How many cmdlets are available for working with processes? Get-Process                       Cmdlet    Gets the processes that are running on the local …

Powershell, Scripting

Get-Hotfix–Retrieve hotfix information using Powershell

Recently I wanted to verify that I had a certain hotfix installed on my server. I thought i could see if there was a nice and easy way in Powershell to do this and there was. The cmdlet get-hotfix will retrieve the information you need. PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-HotFix Source        Description      HotFixID      InstalledBy          InstalledOn ——        ———–      …