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Integrating StoreFront into a Citrix Cloud Deployment

This post is a continuation of my previous posts into getting a simple Citrix Cloud Environment up an running and integrated with an on-premise environment as per this diagram: (taken from So far in the series we have gone through the following steps: 1) Installed and configured the Citrix Cloud Connector – 2) …


Citrix Cloud Sizing and Scalability

In my earlier articles I went through the steps to setup Citrix Cloud environment between Citrix Cloud and your on-premise environment.  One thing which has been quite clear is that there is a critical dependency on the Cloud Connector as this is where all your clients are going to communicate with. It is essentially a …


Citrix Cloud Delivery Group Creation

This post is a continuation of the previous 2 posts where I am walking through the steps to get a Citrix Cloud service setup and running.  We have already covered the Citrix Cloud Connector installation and connecting an application server with the VDA Agent installed to our Citrix Cloud Service. You can find these posts …