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Running Security Scan when opening applications on XenApp 7.6

Hey all.  This is just a quick post to go through an issue that I came across with Citrix XenApp 7.6.  When launching an application the user is prompted with “Running Security Scan” message And eventually you will be prompted with a message to Open the ICA File which has been downloaded Obviously this is …

Citrix XenApp

Enabling Windows 7 Desktop Experience on XenApp 6.5

In this post I will go through the steps to enable the Windows 7 Desktop Experience on a XenApp 6.5 server.  By doing this the end user experience will be much better if the users are used to using native Windows 7 Desktop’s. The process involves importing some group policy settings via PowerShell and enabling …

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Configuring HDX Flash Redirection for XenApp

I have spent the last few days fighting with HDX Flash Redirection and trying to get it to work for a demo to show to a few customers. There are certain things which you have to do to get this working properly. HDX Flash Redirection basically takes a lot of load of the XenApp servers …