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Integrating StoreFront into a Citrix Cloud Deployment

This post is a continuation of my previous posts into getting a simple Citrix Cloud Environment up an running and integrated with an on-premise environment as per this diagram: (taken from So far in the series we have gone through the following steps: 1) Installed and configured the Citrix Cloud Connector – 2) …


Citrix Cloud Sizing and Scalability

In my earlier articles I went through the steps to setup Citrix Cloud environment between Citrix Cloud and your on-premise environment.  One thing which has been quite clear is that there is a critical dependency on the Cloud Connector as this is where all your clients are going to communicate with. It is essentially a …

Windows 10

Unable to access shared files on Synology after disabling the Admin account

I recently disabled the default admin account on my Synology NAS device as part of an exercise to make it a bit more secure. However, after doing so I found I was unable to access any of my shared folders.  The message I was receiving was: “This user can’t sign in because this account is …